Pheasant Tower Shoot

A Pheasant tower shoot at Three Pines Preserve is a high-volume shoot and is perfect for entertaining multiple guests or a corporate outing.  During the pheasant shoot, participants (in pairs) occupy one of 12 stations (i.e. blinds) located in a circle approximately 75 yards from our wooded release tower. The blinds are situated approximately 25 yards apart and make a complete circle around the tower.

The shooting round begins when a signal is given from the tower and birds are released.  Shooters at the stations around the tower work to take the high-flying birds as they escape to the surrounding preserve.  The shooting pairs are rotated after a series of releases, allowing participants to shoot from each blind. Tower Shoots last about 3 hours and are concluded with lunch back at the main camp. 

Pheasent Tower Rates

  • 3 Hour Tower Shoot

  • $300/Shooter

  • All hunts require a $300.00/per shoot deposit.

All Shoots Include

  • Wagon Transportation to Tower Shoot Area

  • Drinks during the Shoot

  • Lunch for all hunters following the Shoot

  • Hunting Licenses

  • Cleaned and Packaged Birds which will be divided evenly among all shooters