Quail Hunting

Come hunt Bob White Quail off of custom made quail hunting rigs and hunt quail in comfort. No matter what level of quail hunting you are looking for, we can provide you with the experience you desire. Just 30 minutes from Tampa, Florida, Three Pines Preserve offers hunts for Central Floridians who are looking for a place close to home or visitors that are looking to experience Florida ranch lands. 

Three Pines Preserve, located at Barthle Brothers Ranch, provides you the opportunity to Quail Hunt in native Florida wire grass and broom sage. You will hunt Bob White Quail behind well trained English Pointers, English Cocker and Springer Spaniel Flushing Dogs.

Three Pines Preserve has some of the best quail hunting in Central Florida and the Tampa Bay area. Just a short drive from Tampa you will enjoy the beauty of Florida wildlife, while hunting in native quail habitat in waving wiregrass.

No need to travel 400 miles if you are looking for a true quail hunting experience, just come to Three Pines Preserve and enjoy watching our well trained English Pointers and seeing the fast action, high energy English Cocker and Springer Spaniels that we use as our quail hunting flush dogs.
Need a little practice before your day of hunting quail at Three Pines Preserve? We are just minutes from Tampa Bay Sporting Clays where you can practice your quail hunting techniques. After a little practice it will be time to come try your skill at our fast flying bobwhite quail and enjoy a day of hunting at Three Pines Preserve.


Quail Hunting Rates

  • 1/2 Day Hunt Rates

  • $425/Shooter

  • All hunts require a $425.00/per hunt deposit.

All Hunts Include

  • Buggy

  • Guides and Dogs

  • 15 bird per shooter limit (All birds over limit are $7.50 per bird)

  • Drinks during the hunt

  • Lunch for all hunters following the hunt

  • Hunting Licenses

  • Prepackaged frozen birds at end of hunt